30 Exciting Pink Ombre Hair Styles – Ideas to Get You in Mood for Funky Pink

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Looking for a fun way to rock your hair? The pink ombre hair trend is a wave that’s sweeping over the fashion world. There is a wide variety of shades of pink to choose from so if what your girlfriend has on doesn’t suit your skin tone, you can choose another shade. Incorporate a fancy hairstyle in order to breathe life into the look. A little creativity goes a long way, especially where outstanding trends are concerned. Here are a few hairstyles to get your imagination going.

#1 Ombre Waterfall


You can only be too sexy with fancy omber hair. This is a classic look that oozes class and sophistication. The rich shades of silver, pink, brown and black are an instant eye candy. Retouch and treat your hair then curl and gently brush it for cool waves. A side part creates a sexier appeal while a mid partition oozes simplicity.

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