Top 30 Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair — Choose the Best For Yourself

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Shorter hairstyles are very popular for being convenient and fit for everyday use. However, there are times when a girl just needs to rock the hell out of that short do. When you are looking to rock a luxurious do, even those short tresses can be dressed and styled for the occasion. But unlike long, luxurious strands, shorter hair leaves you with fewer options. Not only do you have to get the right shape for your head, but the precision of your do has to be unquestionable. Here are some of the freshest and most trendy ideas for great prom hairstyles for short hair worthy of some serious showing off at your senior ball.

# 1 Short and Shampooed Prom Hair Up Style


This style if perfect after a relaxing shampoo and wash. While still keeping your hair a bit messy, all you have to do is quickly know up your hair or stick it in place with some cleverly placed bobby pins. The overly rough texture makes the style puff out and have a nice, wavy look. If you are late for prom and can’t really get enough time to glam up, this is exactly what you need.

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