50 Ways to Style Protective Styles in a Fashionable Way — Which Is Yours?

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Protective styles are hairstyles in which the ends of the natural hair are tucked in for protecting the most fragile part of the hair. Some styles include covering or tying the whole hair so that the natural hair is not loose and exposed. These protective hairstyles keep the natural hair healthy for a long time and reduce hair fall. You can go for braids, knots, jumbo braids, dreadlocks as all these hairstyles are protective. While there are many types of protective hairstyles, here are the best 50 ways in which you can make these hairstyles look trendy and fashionable and add a lot of drama to your personality.

# 1 Stylish Platinum Crochet Braids


Make a style statement with these casual but intense braids which protect the natural hair and add oodles of drama to your personality. The crochet waves are accessorized with metallic accents to add more charm to the hairstyle.

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