30 Stunning Purple and Blue Hair Ideas – (Newest Trend in 2019)

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Blonde has been one of the leading bright hair colors, but it also opened the world of hair colors to new possibilities. Purple and blue have taken over the hair fashion industry with different people trying out different hues of the Galactic. The two analogous color blend in together creating a mysterious yet romantic look when used as contrasting hues. Below are some of the great ways to wear these luminous colors.

# 1 Turquoise Wavy Hair with Purple Highlights

1 Turquoise Wavy Hair with Purple Highlights

Nothing strikes the feminine beauty than soft alluring colors on nicely done beach waves. The hair color is a blend of blue-green color with soft purple highlights that peeks as an undertone. The green color seems to have overcome the blue and purple color making it look more of a mermaid hair.

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