30 Cool Ideas for Purple Hair: Make it Sexy and Vibrant

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Purple hair color is among the most captivating hues in the universe. This is a color that is inextricably linked to royal things owing to its majestic look and the ability to attract attention at first sight. Purple hair provides a wonderful combination; the coolness of blue and the heat of red. This is a color that can be used with many other different combinations to enhance your looks and personality. Below are 30 cool ideas of purple hair color that you might want to consider the next time you visit a beauty salon.

# 1 Crowned Purple Balayage Ombre



Add a chic boho style into your long layered locks with some gorgeous purple hair painting. To achieve that, start by texturing your brunette hair then prep it by brushing. Create bouncy curls in the bottom half to provide more visual volume. Eliminate the monochromatic look of the dark shade by adding balayage highlights of purple. However, ensure to leave the roots darker for that cool contrast. Finish by pulling back the locks then add a jeweled crown to create more sparkle in this balayage ombre.

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