30 Of The Latest Rainbow Hair Trends — Gorgeous And Stylish

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Rainbow hair is a fast growing hair coloring trend, that most would say “is only for the young and brave”, this is, in fact, incorrect as it has been noted that in more recent times this trend is being followed by people of all ages. This fashionable trendy coloring can be done in bright striking colors or in more subdued pastel palette colors. If you are still on the fence about rainbow coloring, then hopefully the 30 rainbow hair ideas below can give you a push in the right direction.

# 1 Pastel Unicorn Hair


This hair coloring is perfect for someone who wants a more subtle rainbow hair look. This hairdo uses pastel colors in a more understated way to showcase this coloring technique. Due to the hair being such a light color these pastel shades catch on rather quick without damaging the hair. The top of the hair is sectioned and rainbow-streaked in an alternating fashion. The pale pink and lavender coloring on the ash blonde hair complement each other perfectly, giving off an ethereal look.

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