55 Timeless Red Hair Color Ideas – Trending and Inspiration Styles

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Red hair color is among the most impressive and bright hair colors that are trendy, eye-catching and inspirational. For women who love looking modish and attract some attention, getting a nice red hair color is a perfect choice. Above all, women who love getting inspired by the color of their hair can achieve all this by getting the right shade of a red hair color style. The good thing with red hair is that it is available in different shades that match perfectly with different skin color tones and outfits. This article presents some of the hottest red hair shades and styles that are trendy and inspirational.

#1 Ginger-Red Short Side Swept Waves

1 Ginger-Red Short Side Swept Waves

For women who love a short wavy hairstyle that is trendy and eye-catching, this style cannot fail you. The first step is to trim the hair moderately short and then color it pale ginger-red. The last step is to divide the hair into two asymmetrical halves at the top and slick each half sideways to form soft waves.

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