35 Gorgeous Senegalese Twist Styles – Choose the Best One for You

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Senegalese twists, also known as rope twists, are quickly gaining popularity. This isn’t just because they’re beautiful and incredibly eye-catching – they’re also easy to take out, making the hairdo much more convenient. Another reason for their prominence in the beauty world is because they have a thinner diameter and look less like dreadlocks when compared to other types of twists.

This type of twist has also gained such a following because it produces a tighter, smoother look than other hairstyles. Check out the following examples of Senegalese twist styles and see for yourself how stunning this trend is!

# 1 To Bun or Not to Bun


As you can see, these twists are versatile – you don’t just have to wear them down! In fact, wearing them in a bun gives off a sophisticated, professional look that you can wear to work. A messier bun would be cute for the gym or for a casual event. Putting the twists

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