55 Cool Shaved Hairstyles for Women – Hottest Haircut Designs

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There’s a whole lot of shaved hairstyles for women. These haircuts owe their popularity to the sexy and trendy look they provide to the wearer. From the sweet pixie cut to the undercut bob, shaved hairstyles for women come in many different forms. This article looks at 55 inspirational ideas that will make you stand out in your shaved haircut.

# 1 Bobbed to Extreme


Stay away from the conventional bob cut and in stead go for something more creative sporting that cool blended look. Start off with a sleek asymmetrical bob and give it a rainbow of colors. Go an extra mile to braid the top and sport a signature undercut on one side. Create some razor lines that slash through the undercut and finish with a messy look on the crown.

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