25 Timeless Short Box Braids Ideas – Protecting Your Hair Stylishly With Box Braids

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Short box braids hairstyle is popular among the black women because of the nature of their hair. The good thing with braids is that they are both fashionable and offer protection to your hair. Neatly plaited braids can last for up to three months, giving your hair time to grow naturally. You can also style your hair into braids during harsh weather conditions to prevent it from being damaged. The following are some of the coolest ideas on how to style short box braids and come out rocking.

# 1 Black Lifted Mini Braids

1 Black Lifted Mini Braids

For women who prefer having very short braids, this is the style to go for. The braids are styled moderately thin and lifted to look fancy. The braids should not be allowed to hang below the ears for this style to come out neatly.

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