25 Most Modish Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women — [Which One to Choose?]

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Short curly hairstyles for black women are the alternate best way to maintain a fashionable hairdo that doesn’t require many years of natural hair cultivation or investment on expensive hair extensions. Short curly haircuts are more about trendy vibes and multidimensional colors that give your hair a fizzy, bushy and modish look. If you feel inspired to raise your hair this way, here are the 25 trendiest short curly hairstyles you can try out.

#1. Side Raised Wavy Golden Pixie


No curly hairstyle gives you a more fizzy and modish look than a side-raised wavy golden haircut. Slightly raised at the top and utterly drawn-out on the sides, this fresh haircut will give you a golden look highlighted by trendy vibes and amazing pixies. To get your hair looking this way, blow dry your hair, smoothen it with a bristle brush and then use a small curling iron to draw the curls outwards.

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