Top 51 Best Short Hair Hairstyles — [Which Is Yours?]

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Everyone gets tired of seeing the same things over and over in life. If you own a mirror, you’re probably a victim of this too. People always get bored of their look and end up wanting to change. The easiest way to go about this urge to get a new fresh look – a short hair hairstyle. You will brand yourself as steamy, spicy and sexy. This will allow you to flawlessly appear modern, savvy, and completely up to date.

Short hairstyles have been trending for the past few years. It is now impossible to not spot someone with one no matter where you look. Every woman wants to brand herself as her own version of unique and avoid sporting the same boring hairstyles women always have for years and years end on. Short hair hairstyles allow you to be modern. At the same time, you stand out as being a well-devoted fashionista. The beauty behind this is you own your own self-image that is unique to only you.

#1.Pure Diamond Blonde with Dark Coffee


The pure diamond blonde is a smooth display of a wavy bob. The bangs are swept towards the side. There is a perfect contrast between the light blonde parts and the darkened roots. This creates a beautiful scene that commands attention, revealing you with a little bit of spice. The dying technique makes sure all of the hair is completely dyed except for the roots.

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