35 Fantabulous Short Hairstyles for Black Women – All Eyes On You!

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Girl, you know without me saying that a new haircut can either become your invitation to a sassy life or turn out to be a one-way ticket to style hell! It’s hard to underestimate the value of a woman’s hairstyle. We all know an amazing feeling, when you wake up and find out you’re having a good hair day today – the whole world seems to be a bit brighter and welcoming, right? But in the long story of all of the kinds of haircuts, there is one fascinating chapter about the short hairstyles for black women. Less hair doesn’t mean less complex styles – that’s for sure! When a woman with a great-looking short haircut comes into the room – I give you 100% that she will be the star. You always had long hair, and now you feel ready for a change? Or you have had a short style for quite a while, but now you are looking for some inspiration to freshen it up a bit? I got you covered! Here I bring to you 35 fantabulous short hairstyles for black women.

# 1 Fancy Hedgehog

1 Fancy Hedgehog

Feeling brave? Why not try just shaving short, but also shaving out some additional lines and figures? A bright makeup is going to look fabulous with this one!

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