65 Sexy Short Hair Hairstyles for Women Over 40 — [Only the Best]

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Fashion has never been limited to age. No one has a say as to what look you can do at any specific age. You can still be old and do a trendy look if you wish, showing the world how sexy you can still be. It is imperative to know the top hairstyles that are popular in order to do just this. Shock the world with your undying sexiness. As long as you are fully aware of these hairstyles, you will still be the queen that has a never-ending sense of fashion all the way to your golden years.

Below is a review of 65 of these hairstyles.

#1 Cotton Candy Bob


This hairstyle features a modified shortened version of a bob. The hair is chin-length, and the roots are dark but branch out into a cotton candy pink color, showing a lively trendy look for anyone over 40.

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