45 Unique Short Hairstyles For Round Faces – Get Confident and Stylish

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No matter what shape your beautiful face is – the haircut should complement it. Think of the prettiest person you know. Ok, now give them one of the worst haircuts you have ever seen. Makes quite a difference, right? But usually, it is not the haircut that is terrible. And, obviously, not the face, but the wrong combination of both. Round faces are considered to be the most feminine type. Such people are thought to be kind, playful and friendly. But quite often a lot of girls with round faces don’t see the advantages of their face type. So, you are a lucky possessor of a circular-shaped face, and you want to experiment with your hair by making it shorter? Do you want to freshen up your old short haircut? Here are forty-five unique short hairstyles for round faces!

# 1 Simple Bob

1 Simple Bob

If you like to take the safe way – a chin-length bob is just for you. With a pair of glasses and a book, you would make a perfect girl-next-door.

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