40 Short Red Hair Ideas – Looking Fancy and Trendy In a Short Hair

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Short red hair has been perceived to be too bright and many women were discouraged to have red hairstyles. In some part of the world, women with red hair were perceived to be witches and people could not look into their eyes directly. However, the world of fashion has changed and today red hair is one of the most trending and inspirational. Modern women are coloring their hair in different red color shades and trimming it short to look fashionable and fancy. This article highlights some of the timeless short red hair shades and styles that a modern woman can choose from and come out rocking.

# 1 Mahogany Red Textured Haircut

1 Mahogany Red Textured Haircut

In this style, the hair is first trimmed short and then colored mahogany red blonde with mild brown highlights. Once you are done with the trimming and coloring the hair, the next step is to style it into soft waves compacted neatly on the head and swept sideways and downward. You need to have a densely packed hair for this hairstyle to come out beautifully.

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