55 Cool Single Braids Ideas – Trendy Hairstyles for Young Generation

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Single braids are back in style. Natural, sexy and comfortable, they’ve become a favorite for those looking for a stylish option in a low-maintenance hairdo. The popularity of this sexy braided hairstyle has surpassed race. It’s being sported by people from all corners of the globe. Ranging from box braids to cornrows, this hairdo provides you with lots of options to experiment with. Below we can look at 55 inspirational ideas for single braids.

# 1 Glitter Cornrows


This is a great idea for blondes with long hair. The locks are first prepped and separated into sections running parallel to each other. Each section is braided starting from the front towards the back to create a sweet cornrow hairstyle. The ends are secured with hair bands and the tips left loose for that classic finish. And in case your hair sits short for this style, you’ve got the option of using hair extensions to get that extra length.

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