30 Cool Spiral Perm Ideas: Creating a Strong Curly Impression 

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Spiral perms are incredibly popular. They’re a great way to adding spiral curls, body, and bounce to your hair. This hair pattern is achieved by using long perm rods that create tight cascading ringlets that look like corkscrews when released. The rods come in many different sizes, which results in some variations in this permed hairstyle. Below, we look at 30 inspirational ideas to help you pick your desired spiral perm hairstyle.

# 1 Purple Ombre Perm


Permed hair looks great with some colors to go with. Settle for a lighter shade of purple, preferably lavender. Add some dark shades at the top to create that sexy ombre look. Use rods to style the hair into sexy spiral curls that sit loose to create more visual volume. Sport lots of loose strands to give the hair a fluffy look. The result is a chic mermaid hair that provides a perfect wear for summer.

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