25 Cool Star Nails Design — Get Ready to Flaunt Your Style

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The star nails style is the most popular and trending nail art and design currently. A lot of girls these days prefer to wear these nail designs along with a variety of colors. A fancy and spunky nail done with perfection looks pretty and awesome to any girl. This royal and elegant nail painting is done to create natural looking, soft highlights which is considered as the modern coloring and styling methods.  Check out the top 25 ravishing Star Nail Style trending these days.

#1 Glamorous Navy Nails with Golden Glitter Stars


You can look cute and super sexy any time and every time by simply wearing this appealing star nail design. The coolest thing about this art is that you can wear it in a many different ways. You also have a choice of applying different shiny nail paints or else you can just go with the same color of paint on all your nails with attractive golden stars which will play a major role in giving a classy finish to your nail style. It seems nowadays, wearing a different color on each of the nails is the new trend. Those glittering magnificent stars give a versatile look to your personality.

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