25 Incredible Two Dutch Braid Styles – Looks For You To Fall In Love With

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Braids are one of the most versatile looks that you can choose for medium to long hair. Not only do they keep your hair neat and off your hair, but they can be styled to suit just about any occasion. Today we are looking at Dutch braids. This type of braid is sometimes also known as an inverted, inside-out, or reverse braid. It is the reverse of a French braid so instead of bringing sections of your braid over and into the center, you bring them under. Today’s look is two Dutch braids alongside each other and you’re going to love these styles!

# 1 Lavender Ombre

1 Lavender Ombre

Bright colors and braids are a fun and playful combination. This model’s hair starts with true purple before melting into lavender and finally sky blue. She’s wearing two side by side Dutch braids which show off her shades perfectly.

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