40 Ideas on Vintage Hairstyles – The Most Successful Fashion Decades

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A trip back to the golden era of 50’s and 60’s may not be possible but giving yourself the same vintage look, is. You can dress up in knee long skirts, tie a neat headband around your head but with these 40 ideas on vintage hairstyles, you can definitely get in the groove of the things. These well-accumulated hairstyles that were made famous by the stunning and beautiful sex symbols 50’s and 60’s such as Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner, etc. They can be worn again to pay tribute to one of the most successful decades in the world of fashion.

#1 Pinup Your Style

1 Pinup Your Style

This gorgeous lady is the wearing one of the most stylish pins on the side of her head. With all her front hair combed to the left and slight rolls at the end of it shows how graceful the last century hairstyles were. The back hair is tied in a messy bun style.

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