Top 30 Best Waterfall Braid Styles for All Occasions — Choose the Prettiest One

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Are you going for an elegant night out or looking to casually keep the hair off your face, braids are always a gorgeous way to style hair. Most recently, however, one style has been getting lots of attention due to its creative genius; the waterfall braid. A waterfall braid is a style that allows for the weaving of a horizontal, diagonal or circular plait throughout the head. While a tad complex, creating romantic, cascading waterfall braids give you a unique and gorgeous look that allows you to keep your hair down while still flowing majestically. So, whether you are indeed looking to make the most out of your messy bed head or emulating Khaleesi’s rippled mane from Game of Thrones, there’s something regal about just letting your locks flow with abandon in a beautiful crown of woven braids. The following are the top 30 waterfall braid hairstyles that will have you looking like something out of a fairytale.

# 1 French Waterfall Braid with Flower


In addition to being super cute and practical, the French waterfall hairstyle has become popular for people with long and thick locks. Everyone loves letting their hair down once in a while, but too much length means that your hair will always fall on your face. The French waterfall braid is great if you want something simple. You can also include a flower to add a touch of playfulness and elegance.

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