Top 30 Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair — [How to Make a Right Decision?]

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Deciding on a wedding hairstyle is said to be one of the most difficult decisions a bride would have to make. Due to there being such a wide variety of wedding hairstyles for long hair it’s sometimes hard to sift through the mediocre ones to find that perfect hairstyle that not only looks unique but also suits your personality while still maintaining some flair. Below are 30 classical wedding hairstyles that are not only understatedly elegant but are also really trendy.

# 1 Soft Romantic-Do


This classically romantic half updo is perfect if you are wearing a sleeveless or off the shoulder dress as this hairdo in particular complements the dress well. The hair is lightly curled and then tousled to give it that laid-back look. The front half of the hair is then loosely taken back and pinned down. The ombré coloring of the hair really does set this hairstyle.

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